Friday, November 02, 2012

Oct 13: Shannon, Nick, and Vince's Bday @ MACK7

So where the hell has the blog been? The past 3 weeks have been pretty crazy, circling around moving downtown with 3 of my closest friends from my childhood. We've been busy moving furniture, building walls, and prepping and cleaning up after all of the gatherings we've had thus far. It's official. MACK7 is the new hot spot.

Our first house party! We kept it pretty simple, since we really didn't have too much furniture. But thanks to Shannon's beer pong table, Joe and John's DJ equipment, and all the alcohol, we had a successful party. We had over 50 people over after just moving in 2 nights before. So crazy. Happy birthdays to Shannon, Nick, and Vince. Thanks for having it with us!

"You mean we can be friends when I move downtown?"

You're never gonna live that comment down Stephen.

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