Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 08: Lakers vs Nuggets (Game 5) x El Flamin' Taco

Fuck. This. Game. And screw all of you that said that they lost on purpose so they can have Ron Ron back. You kidding?! Who plays in the playoffs to lose?? And now look. We got him back AND STILL LOST GAME 1 TO OKC. Dumbasses. My only highlight was that they made it an exciting game in the end. They got so close. I thought they were gonna pull of some classic Laker magic. But no dice.

Well I was supposed to go to the Drake concert instead, but I heard that was a bust too. My cousin and I really wanted to go to this game to watch the Lakeshow close out Denver.

At least we got some free playoff towels...

El Flamin' Taco to celebrate to mourn the loss.

Always reppin' purple and gold!

(We would have taken a picture at Staples... but it was just too sad.)

I've missed you...

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