Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 11: Oldfield's

Love this group. Thanks Fitz for introducing them to all of us at Coachella! (Introduce as in, telling us about them... Not actually meeting them...)

Brian and met up with some of the West LA folk to catch up, especially since Alex, Evita and I missed out on the previous week's festivities. We also discussed the inevitable need for a house for Coachella 2013! Yeah. We've been planning since Coachella 2012 ended. Oldfield's is a pretty nifty bar! Drinks were moderately priced, but we ordered a 'punchbowl' of juice and gin. Let's come back here please.

Very nice presentation! The price... ehh cheaper than 8 individual drinks I suppose.


We're on it.


This last cup really snuck up on me...

Those last 2 pictures stacked on top of each almost make 1 picture...#KeanuWhoa

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