Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 19: Evita's Birthday @ Backstage B&G

I wish that I could say that my night was a blur. But that would require me to have some kind of fuzzy memory. My last memory was walking up to the stage to sing Build Me Up Buttercup. I don't remember singing it, but it looks like there may be some videos on some phones out there. Great... Still, this was a great venue for Evita. It was close to Evita's apartment for some prime prepartying. We got to watch (and cry after) the Laker game. Drinks were pretty cheap. And there was karaoke! Happy birthday Vita Pita!


Mic time.

The Afterparty.

Never fails.


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cous said...

Oh man the fun I've had with you and your friends... I miss cali !