Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dec 12: ABBC Christmas (via KaYoTiK)

Thanks for the post Brian.

anaheim guys/burbank crew. a-team/bbc.

...and any other friends within a 50 mile radius.

With Your Friends...darn you skrillex for invading my ipod.

bonus: jomo uploaded the 2010 slideshow. NSFW WARNING!!!
seriously...don't start this up unless you're with people that won't judge you.
(or just skip the first 10 seconds.)

BBC x A-Team Slide Show 2010 from Jomo

highlights of the night:
- amazing food...i'd have to say an even better spread than thanksgiving.
- jason stealing lubricant and getting a fist pound from an unsuspecting may.
- maggie locking in scott pilgrim via steal from ryan. fist pound that too!
- kesarin getting bop-it as a gag gift. then james getting bop-it in the actual white elephant.
- paul doing unwarranted steals just to start ish and getting everyone into steal/shot frenzy.
- beat-bender's surprise acoustic christmas performance.
- ultimate slideshow sunday.
- alex's shake-weight dance routine for 7 minutes.
- somehow all the guys showing up with white shirts and red ties...

stocked up...BOOM! first pun.

nug-nuts are back in full effect. burger hors d'Ĺ“uvres anyone?

stuffed mushabooms

pasta hut

new york steak cooked to perfection

topped with mushroom gravy

bacon making everything better

bacon making everything better

puffy pastes


spread for the gag gift exchange

granny panties!!!

great steal jason. GREAT STEAL.

aren't you glad you listened to me alex.

paul snagged a free date with alex. SEX INCLUDED.

best picture ever.

all the junk we'd be regifting for next year


even more normal!





may is all over that blow hole

cheers and whatnot

the return of the beat benders. alex and jason having a moment.

did anyone else know anson could sing? that was pretty sick.

white elephant time. out of 17, this might be considered pretty good placement.

but not when paul is right after you...


best reactions to the worst steal in the history of white elephant

we all got a little excited once this was unwrapped

sorry we couldn't make it to the show donald!

girls feeling all fancy in the kitchen

eileen should have a shot tray surgically implanted into her left hand

when the guys start getting gay, the night's almost over

when the guys start teabagging each other, the night's definitely over

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