Saturday, February 04, 2012

Jan 21: Birthday Dinner #4 @ Craft & Commerce

Wiz Khalifa - California

Let's keep the birthday dinners coming!! Made a trip down to SD and kicked it with some of the homies. I got to check out one of Arcelon's new spots called Craft & Commerce. He's really bringing the hipster vibe from LA to SD. And I don't mind! A nice food and drink menu (as long as you don't need vodka or ketchup) and a very rustic ambiance. Jomo-approved. Thanks for the drinks and food Guil!

Reminds me of 7 Grand.

Osaka Old Fashioned

Seriously, don't bother asking for it.

Hell yeah! Good ass burgers! Gave me stinky burps though hah.

I miss these two! They didn't get to get into the club, but we got to chop it up.

i.e. They made fun of me all night. I'll take it!

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