Monday, February 06, 2012

Jan 25: Birthday Dinner #5 @ Ohshima

Michael's favorite new artist.

Kendrick Lamar - Rigamortus

(Just realized he spelled "rigamortis" wrong...)

Still catching up. Still eating. Still enjoying the month of Jomuary (nice one Ma!). My buddy Michael wanted to take me out for my birthday, and was willing to drive down from LA on a weeknight. Works for me. He'd heard talks about a sushi spot called Ohshima, and insisted we go there for the omakase (chef's menu) experience. It's a little lot on the pricey side, but if you got money to blow or you love food, give it a shot. For a better experience, sit at the sushi bar. For the best experience, eat with your hands (not chopsticks), and don't use any soy sauce. I'm far from a sushi connoisseur, but this was the best sushi experience I ever had. And even better because it was with good company. Thanks bud. I owe you for the next meal for sure.


This post contains very sexy close-ups of sushi. It may cause hunger and foodgasms.
Proceed with discretion.

My lovely date, Mikey Soh!

I was so excited to eat, I forgot to take a picture of the first roll. Here are the rest.

Bluefin Tuna

Japanese Scallop*

Cherry Salmon*

Sea Bass

Amber Jack


Black Cod (charred)*

Gold Stripe*

Shigoku Oysters

Marinated Sea Urchin

Blue Crab Hand Roll*

Kobe Beef with Garlic Paste

Chopped Otoro

Green Tea Flan

Thanks Chef!

(An * denotes a personal recommendation!)

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