Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sept 15: Diplo @ Surrender

Let's go back...

Kanye West - Gold Digger (Diplo Remix)

So.... WHAT THE HELL? 24 hours prior, I wasn't even considering Vegas. 24 hours later, I'm in a car heading to the strip. And 24 hours later, the trip is over. I guess a little persuasion and a little (a lot of) alcohol can work wonders on my mind. Two major factors for this trip: (1) Yee coming down from Seattle; and (2) Jenny's super sh*tty week. But thanks to everyone else who made this trip possible too! Definitely one for the record books.

Location: Surrender @ Encore
DJ: Diplo

Jenny's luck carried over right until the strip! #Five-0 #PoPo

No time to check into the hotel. Straight to the club!

First shots of the night!


You're such a creeper Maggie...

Proud of you!

Much love for Seattle!

Sharing is caring.

Oh Jenny... #SlutLife

Omar's drunk smile is pretty epic.


Awesome night!

NOW we can check in.

(That's my Tito Frank.)

Upgraded to a king bed and jacuzzi! #CuzziLife

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