Sunday, April 03, 2011

March 26: Animal House @ 901 Bar

Foreign Exchange Student ft. Miami Horror

Last Saturday's festivities were on point. A little drizzle can't stop us! Shiver hosted an "Animal House" themed party at The 9-0 by USC. Good music. Heavy-handed bartenders and tall glasses. And plenty of random pictures. I posted up on the stands most of the night like a bauwse.

I see you Nate!

This is almost a default pic every time.

Gangster Sour.

Ryan's bummed cuz didn't get the grey hoodie/leather jacket memo.


This beezy kept wanting her picture taken.

"Aye gurrrl.... wanna dance?"

Yeaaaaaaaahh buddy!

This dance is Reyes-approved.

Lights on.

YEAH MA! Bringing the lightning like Storm.

Cameras flash so much, that I gotta do that Yayo Ronnie dance.


Oh boy... Good thing you're wearing pants.


Jack in the Box Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger with egg on sourdough to close the night.

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