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March 26-27: Food Fest 2011 (via KaYoTiK)

Birthday boy uploaded a little goodie.

John Legend - Rolling in Deep (Adele Cover, Beatbender Remix) by Beatbenders

Diana gathered some of the gang for the NoHo Foodtruck Fest. I enjoyed the products of the Potato Tornado and Baby's Badass Burgers trucks. I picked up a wolfhead beanie. Passed my beer tasting tests. Went out and got pretty drunk Saturday night. And then Sunday just chilled out.

Via the guy who shared too much about what he gave up for Lent... (Brian was there for everything except for the night out on Saturday which will be a separate post.)

this past weekend's activities involved going to LA and getting fat. high fives all around to the participants. original plan was to hit up the noho food truck fest. this led to beer tasting at divita's. which led to food comas and junk food. which led to 10pm dinner. fast forward to sushi platters the following morning. leading to yogurt cravings. toss in some leftover potato meatballs. culminating in fish plates and ice cream for the burbank family....yup. haven't been so over food since super bowl sunday.

while it was about 36 hours of hanging out with friends, apologies it's mostly shots of food (as always). we all know what my friends look like anyway you all know what you look like anyway.

tornado dog from tornado potato. deep fried dog made it so worth it.

sweet potato fries with sweet cream and powdered sugar. raspberry jam dipper. mmmm...

30 minute line plus 15 minute cook time, we finally got our sliders and burgers.

considering the wait, i decided to go all out with "the bombshell"
2 grilled cheeses as the bun, bacon, and carmelized onions
i'm glad i don't know the calorie count on this one.

unpictured foods: gumbalaya, meatballs, seasoned fries, more tornado dogs, frozen lemonade

heading out, there was a booth with these aminal beanies

the filipina vendor actually talked these goofballs into purchasing them.

back at the house, beer tasting started up. anson taking it all in.


i still don't like most beers. but apparently i can enjoy a cider moreso than the rest.

a bunch of junk that we brought back while everyone else was passed out at the house

and thai delivery to finish us off for saturday


half a day later we picked up some sushi platters to devour at burbank.

unagi is win.

evita had a massive craving for froyo, and i couldn't say no. drove us over to a place called menchies which was pretty dang awesome. they had this one flavor that tasted like hawaiian punch.

but i just ended up with a bowl full of cap'n crunch and gummy bears though.

ryan brought a bunch of cheese logs and potato meatballs for the house from portos. but i was too lazy/bloated to take any pictures. sorryz.

sunday dinner a la jersey shore. except no cooking involved. picked up food from fish dish, w
hich is a bootleg california fish grill. not too bad, but not too great either.

would've went healthy, but i actually ate swordfish from califishgrill on friday. me want fries!

killed a half gallon of limited edition thin mint ice cream at the end of the night too.

May I also add, I got sick from one of you fools. I'M LOOKING AT YOU MILLAR AND LIGAN.

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