Friday, April 29, 2011

April 23: Their Best Friend's Birthday (via KaYoTiK)


Man, I can't believe it was only a year ago since the last besties birthday party. (Yeah another one of those "wow this was a year ago?" posts.) But seriously, after this party a year ago, this has been the crew I've been rolling with on the regular. A year ago I rudely stepped up on stage while Evita was singing to snap pictures. This time around it was planned and instead of a camera I had a mic (to interrupt Evita). Lots of fun with old and new friends. I can't believe we were here until 4am though...

Thanks to the Beat Benders for making it a special night for me. From the idea of me playing the trumpet (seriously, worst idea ever), to creating the setlist, to rehearsal after rehearsal after rehearsal. It's been a true honor to be a part of the creative process.

Thanks to the Besties: Kesarin and Lauren for putting all of this together. (AND FOR THE WATCH!) (And of course for the best profile picture of 2010.)

Post via the guy who said he wouldn't take pictures, but did anyway.

after days/weeks/months/years of planning, the annual kesarin/lauren birthday bash was this past saturday night. these crazies always do it big for their friends and the hard work is definitely appreciated. thanks for the grand ole time you two!

the birthday girls! hope you enjoy the pictures.

they came up with some pretty delicious drinks.

#6 and #7 are where it's at.

dancey floor

represent alice

this looks photochopped...

(well done cesar)

beat benders making their triumphant return to the stage


everyday i'm shufflin

special guest mix master momo on the mic

the girls...they've gone wild.


sorry for the blurriness =(

makin the band 4

aaaannnnnddd a bunch of random party pictures

test tube shots! thanks for looking lauren.

getting rowdy in this discothèque

double/triple test tube shots!

yeaaa...i have no idea what face they're doing...

instant noodohz cru

look! i'm actually posting a picture of myself! yay birthdays!

still dancing at 3am. take THAT culver city fire marshalls.

thanks y'alls! another epic birthday in the books...i'm exhausted...can we stop being born now?

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