Monday, December 19, 2011

Dec 09: ABBC Christmas 2011

I didn't have too many pictures from this night, so I'll link Brian's post once it's ready here's Brian's post too. Here's our slideshow, and some pictures of our gift exchange. Lots of fun, but I'm saying it now, no more Friday night parties! Everyone is just too tired from work to party! Not a lot of captions here. Just a lot of smiles. ^__^

And a recap of my gifts!

Lenny the Lion. Thanks D-Ko (and Ligan... heh heh heh...)

A book made entirely of flowcharts, gorilla tripod, monkey fist keychain, scarf, and tie.

A collage of pictures with Kes.

And then an even bigger flowchart of my adventures with Kes... O_O

Thanks Santa Ma! You're the best!!

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