Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jan 07: Sombrero Fiesto (via KaYoTiK)

Skream ft Sam Frank - Anticipate

Too lazy to do a write-up. Fun and random night. 2012 is certainly starting off with a bang.

Post via this guy who took his first body shot ever.

mexican food and board games were the plan for last saturday night.

at least we got half of it right.

gathered the friends in san clemente because we needed a re-do of their over-before-it-began christmas party. headed down with jomo cesar and dina, got all the cooking supplies, and fired up the grill before the rest of the kids arrived. soon thereafter the lethal combination of friends, alcohol, and cold medication made the whole night a crazy blur that got out of hand in a jiffy. a good chunk of it can be classified as "this never leaves the room and definitely never goes online". thankfully there were more than enough shots to salvage a full on blog post. thank you to dave, dina, and whoever else documented it all while i was off being crazy stupid love drunk.

the cooks/chefs - jolo and cesar

dave goes big

rice hats = mini sombreros

lean like a cholo

cheers and more cheers

preppers and cookers and cleaners and hostesses and all of the above

smile! food is ready!


the spread

turn it up!

hood status?

hood status.

the girls definitely got us beat

totally gonna tag cesar's mom in this pic. he was getting paaaiiiddd!

brudders and seastars

random group shots

alex getting introspective

me drunk and taking pics with girls

aaaand special midnight guest appearance by paul uy!

apparently the only time i get in front of the camera lens is when i'm!!

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