Monday, January 23, 2012

Jan 15: Mama D's & Goat Hill Tavern

Tubthumping (Chumbawumba Cover) by CitricSound

A little OC hangout with special guests Alex and Evita. We hit up Mama D's in Newport for some pink sauce action, followed by some unwinding at Goat Hill Tavern. A nice change of pace from LA in my opinion. Cheap pitchers and fresh made popcorn!? Sold.


D-Ko: "Look at Jomo lookin' all thug!"

Yeah right... Yellow beanies are NOT thug!

After having a drink at the bar next door, the hour-long wait wasn't too bad.


Remember when the waiter said he was going to Coachella but his girlfriend didn't have a ticket? And we said we had extra? And he followed up with "I'm just gonna go without her"? Yeah, me neither.

Ooooh free cookies!

Goat Hill Tavern. Domestic pitchers: $8.50

Fresh-popped popcorn: $1.50

Another pitcher on me!

F*ck yo sign...

Look up.

Someone's gonna smile with his teeth more this year. #NewYearsResolutions.

Someone's gonna carry on my party thunder soon... #NewYearsResolutions

Not yet though... ;)

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