Monday, January 30, 2012

Jan 19: Birthday Dinner #2 @ Kagura | Sh*t Jomo Says

It's my birthday! Using some of Brian's pictures for this post. It was my actual day of birth, so I had dinner with the fams. Sushi last year. Sushi this year. (I'll take a free expensive dinner with purpose any chance I get!) At the recommendation of DKo and Mags, we checked out Kagura which is in the same lot at Slater's 50/50. The food was really good! Except for the 1 piece of sushi that had the skin on it still. That threw me back into childhood when I hated fish, and I almost threw up at the table. The foie gras sushi and kobe beef carpaccio were amazing. As was the panna cotta.

And some bonus pictures of some of the pictures my friends posted as their Facebook default pictures... Last year they each picked an embarrassing picture alone. This year, they added some speech bubbles. "Sh*t Jomo Says".... Assholes! Clever assholes at that.

I feel the love. Thanks guys.

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