Friday, June 01, 2012

May 27: Afternoon Delight

Got pretty stoked when Irons dropped this cover in his set.

I haven't been down to San Diego since my birthday. It was a long overdue visit to my friends down south. Brandon is running a weekly show at El Camino on Sunday afternoons called Afternoon Delight. This week's installment featured Kanye Asada, Irons, DJ edROC, and Miles Medina. Good shit guys. Great catching up with some of you too.

Michelada in a boot.

Carne asada and al pastor tacos really hit the spot.

Congrats on your gig Brandeezy.

You can listen/download to each DJ's set here:
Mike Irons
Miles Medina

I went to sway later that night, but was way too tired and lazy to take pictures.

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