Friday, August 24, 2012

Aug 19: Malibu Creek x Beer Belly

Dr. Dre & Tupac - California Love (Chi Duly's Late Night Edit)

YES MORE HIKES! A break from the typical food/concert/party blogposts. Brian and Cesar organized another group to set out on the infamous Malibu Creek hike that we heard so much about: treacherous terrain, rock wall climbing, water obstacles. This hike was definitely the toughest one I've been on. During times of weakness, we willed ourselves past the adversity that ALEX WONG COMPLETED THIS HIKE. And we're proud to say that we had no falls on this adventure! Great job everyone. We were outbound promptly at 7:00am around 7:45am, and were done by noon with plenty of stops to re-hydrate in the heat. Had we started any later and we would have been toasted. I'm also proud to say that I flashed the part where Alex and John fell. VICTORY!

Way too hot for 8:30am...

Lots of great climbing spots along the trail.

Obstacle #1: climbing along the face of that giant rock/hill without falling into the water.

Mission accomplished!


The wonders of photoshop...

BMo climbing one-handed all morning. #Pro

Obstacle #2: see Obstacle #1, plus a blind corner.



Obstacle #3: finding a bathroom.


Obstacle #4: climbing up the chain rope.

Easy peasy.



(Yep, another one.)

Group timer shot! 30 seconds was plenty to hop back over.

El Fin.

After a quick shower and freshening up, we headed to Beer belly for brunch.

Sangria! So necessary. With celery and a SlimJim.

Waffle-battered chicken!

Sausage McBelly! That orange pizza-like sauce was MONEY.

Much needed vegging out and recovery for the rest of the day. More LA adventures to come!

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