Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dec 01: Fukuburger x Jeopardy

ALRIGHT! BACK TO BLOGGING! I finally got a new computer and I'm in the process of getting all my programs and music transferred over.

New month. And with it being the last month of the year, its time to make it count. No more hermit life. Started the month off right with a trip to another burger spot on my to-do list: FukuBurger. At the end of the day Fuku didn't crack my top 5 list, but I still enjoyed the Asian-influenced (ponzu) sauce, egg, and crispy onion strings on it.

Hoegaarden White

Jazz Fries! #ILikeJazz

Good stuff. #6 on my burger list.

Denim polkadot shirts vs army green jackets.

Later that night, some of the Alex and Evita wedding party gathered for a friendly game of Jeopardy. Team PI almost had the win! Damn my indecisiveness. Great work May and Millar on getting the game and facts together.

And to cap the night, a lullaby from Angelface. Thanks Angelface.

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