Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Nov 29: The Parish, Villains Tavern, One-Eyed Gypsy

It's actually been a while since I went out to grab a drink on a weeknight. Despite being somewhat settled into the new apartment, it's still been kind of hectic with dealing with parties, apartment furniture, and the upcoming holidays. After a long work day, I'm too lazy to go out and grab a drink. I'd much rather sit at home and watch TV. That's not taking advantage of my resources!

So I dragged Iris out to try The Parish with me, a new bar that opened up a few months ago. Then we somehow ended up at Villains Tavern, and then met up with Shannon, Maggie, Omar, and Max at the One-Eyed Gypsy (with a drink or two at each stop). Yeah. I woke up with a massive headache. Thanks everyone...

Old Fashioned vs Historic Core #WhiskeyDrink

Mulled cider w/ rum.

Hey Iris, remember when I whooped your ass in shuffleboard?

Victory is mine!


You know what happens when you're the first to pass out...

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