Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dec 09: KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas 2012

"How did you get tickets?!"

I just have fast internet at work? It wasn't that hard... But I was lucky to snag some mezzanine center aisle seats! A good view for a great price. We missed Imagine Dragons, but got there in time for some of Alex Clare's set. Of Monsters and Men were awesome, but several technical difficulties caused the band and the crowd to be displeased. Grouplove was pretty good, as was Passion Pit. NEON TREES! They were pretty awesome. M83 was okay. Fun. was amazing! That boy can sing. Jack White blew my mind. And the Killers were... sub-par unfortunately. But my favorite part of the night was the secret special performance by Anaheim's very own NO DOUBT! What a superb lineup. I need to go again next year.

Ahh and my other favorite moment of the night! Iris and I took a picture with Santa earlier that night. As we were walking away, I SWEAR I thought I saw him move. But Iris having convinced herself that it was a statue said "Aww man, I should have put his hand on my boobs or something!" (Come on, let me finish the story before you think the punchline...)
So we go back later in the night to grab a drink, and the folks running the both were INSISTENT on having us take another picture with Santa! We didn't think too much of it and obliged. Iris having remembered what she thought before, proceeded to pick up Santa's wrist... And the rest is history.

I TOLD YOU HE WAS REAL! He almost got to 2nd base too... hah!

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