Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Feb 11: Friday Night (via KaYoTiK)

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I personally couldn't think of a good blog title either...

J. Cole - See World

No Friday night plans once again. All I could think of was possibly hitting another burger spot to continue our Burger Crawl 2011. But with lack of planning, all I could think of was Slater's 50/50. Coincidentally, James hasn't had Slater's yet so this would have been the perfect opportunity. Except that it was the same night that they decided to open their late night bar. Wait time for a dinner table at 8:00pm? 1.5 hours!! So we moved along to Islands which was decent, just not as satisfying when you're craving a pizza burger. Afterwards we gathered at the Aranguri house to see Kevin before he used his one-way ticket to China. The grand finale was supposed to be Dance Central back at our house, but it got too late.

Post via KaYoTiK...
just catching up on random photos from the weekend. kevin is flying off to adventure in china for an indefinite amount of time, so the aranguri household threw a nice quaint party in his honor. but before all that, we wanted burgers. slaters was fully packed, so we had settle for islands. the mood was sadder than it sounds since james has yet to taste anything 50/50.

emo status

not bad though

then headed over. greeted by tucker and kevin, doing his best bruno mars impression.

look who else decided to join us!

...too blurry to tell huh?

gotta love fire pits. where are the s'mores?

just chilled and talked about how good perfect couples is and how crappy outsourced is. i brought strawberry shortcake ice cream pops for consumption. soooo yummy.

random shoes to end the night.

have fun over there kevin, you crazy crazy man.

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