Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feb 19: Infusion SF

Michael Buble - Haven't Met You Yet (Cutmore Radio Edit)

This was the night where everyone who was randomly up in the Bay would meet up. And we did; we did it well. My previous experiences at other SF clubs and lounges have been pretty good, but this spot kinda takes the cake. Requirements for Infusion Lounge: guestlist, cover, 1 to 1 ratio. All covered. With the help of Iris' table we also had a spot of refuge from the packed bar and dance floor to enjoy to ourselves. I'm not sure how the rest of the gang was, but I was definitely on the wasted side, but at least I didn't completely blackout or throw up. (But a slight recap from others would definitely be appreciated next time I see you...)

Old friends. New friends. Good times. AWESOME TIMES!

Ginger beer.

The bridge.


Bar service.

Oh this is just my token white girl.

Table/Bottle service was so clutch Iris!

You can find us in the VIP.

Best Friend Susan!

Regular picture.

Alright now everyone pretend like you heard a really funny joke!


BBC in the house.

Break it down for ya one time.

Touch the sky!

Break it down for ya two time.

Dance fever. (Stupid dress shoes...)

Seriously B-Tang, let me get some of whatever you got.

Whip Ya Hair, the Remix.

Keep it G yo. (At least it's a peace sign this time!)

Ronnie peek-a-boo dance.

Whoa.... I don't remember that move...

Take it easy there models.

Oooof. Shots of Fernet. It's super blurry after this!


4th meal at Lori's diner.

Looks like I ordered an omelette...

Yeah it was one of those nights where I basically woke up in my bed. Nice.

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