Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feb 13: Hermit Falls (via KaYoTiK)

Kanye West - All Of The Lights Remix (Pretty Lights)

Let's switch it up with some outdoorsy blogging. More hiking please! Via Brian.

sunday morning. valentines eve. decide to go third wheeling and head over to LA for a romantic hike with chrisarin and alvita. it's nice to do something healthy on the weekend for a change. went over to the arcadia area to check out what kind of paths they had. chris heard of a spot where you could actually see a waterfall, which peaked all of our interests. what we expected to be a nice stroll turned out to be scaling up and down the side of a mountain and crossing rivers. we had a few casualties along the way (alex's socks and pants) but we survived.

i actually tried to photograph things that day. lackluster captioning awaits you.

yeah. what that says.

you've probably figured out which direction we went by now

i'm surprised i didn't have more goofy pictures like this post

kesarin leading the group

first sign of h2o

this waterfall kinda sucked...

...kidding. that wasn't the real one.

i spy a jomo and a ligan

hi friends!

i get dizzy when i look at this shot...

...nice booty kesarin! (...don't kill me chris...)

lone purple flower

pretty sure the waterfalls were farther than 1.2 miles, but this can't be confirmed.
arrived and saw some sights. this girl decides to use the rocks like a waterslide.

she also rescued her friend's slipper which fell into the pool

plus some amateur cliff jumpers

lion king re-enactment was so necessary

ominous trees are ominous...

group shots!!!!!

shoe circ

(purposeful blur)


(iphone apps are amazing sometimes)

down the mountain we go

peeps were hungry by the end of it and wanted to grab some food.
evita and chris grew up in the area and never heard of zelos. just had to take us there.




really nice hike...wouldn't mind doing more of this...

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