Monday, January 11, 2010

January 09: Maggie's Birthday @ The Standard

More January birthday celebrations!! This time it was for Maggie's birthday with the UCI/Burbank kids. It's been a while since I've seen this crew. We hit up Libertine'sThe Standard rooftop bar in downtown LA. A lot of chilling and lounging and catching up.

Libertine's is sooooo 2009...
-Alex Wong, 01/08/2010

Whatever man. We'll see about that one Alex... F*CK YOU DUDE!

I still don't understand their logo...

A few of us got there early as requested, only to find that no one else was there yet.

So Emily, Julie, James, Cesar and I hung out in one of the red radish waterbeds. These waterbeds are hard to adjust to, but once you get situated, you're coastin'.

Emily and James.

Julie and Cesar.

Sitting on top of the world. James is ready to take over.

Birthday girl Maggie with Melissa and Kathryn.


"Hey Jomo this is a new thing for your blog. Instead of driver's license pictures, we have crotch shots." -Cesar
Can you identify these?
"Oh well that's Alex." -Evita (NICE!)
Eileen was 8 for 8. This just goes to show you what she notices...
Highlight the space below the pictures for the answers.

James                                        Chris                                        Alex

Anson                                        Ryan                                        Cesar

Jason                                                        Nathan

Maggie x Ryan

"Okay let me do one that's less Chinese and more Filipino." -Ryan
Lookin' hawrd.

Waterbed shot!

Big plans coming up for us. July 2010 will be epic.

Evita you're right, Jon Lee is a freaking BEAST on Words with Friends... I'm getting destroyed...

Happy Birthday Maggie! I look so tall... (thanks for squatting ;])

The Asian representation at The Standard.

"JUMBO!!" -Kesarin
Damn it... I thought only a few people knew that nickname.

You know how we end the show.

The Dirty Dog aka The Danger Dog.

This is how I really ended the night though. Cantaloupe and a $60 parking ticket. Free parking was foiled once again by deceptive signs. Damn you LA!

Untold story of the night: A bum with a bike tried to fight Cesar. Ask him about it.

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Kermit Lukacs said...

Identifying a person through his jeans? LOL. That's one unique idea. Bars should have games like that! Well, I'm glad everyone had a blast at Maggie's Birthday despite the fact that Cesar almost got into a fight.

Kermit Lukacs