Thursday, January 21, 2010

This Saturday at Confidential is Classified™

So if you're down in San Diego on Saturday (or if you wanna make the trip with me), I'll be at my first Confidential event in downtown San Diego to celebrate my birthday.

Black & Gold Attire is Classified™.

Music with:
• DJ Mark Marcelo (
• Performance by Krystle Cruz along with Angie Girl & Michelle Martinez

Celebrating the birthdays of:
• Krystle Cruz
• Yogi
• Jamie Bernal
• Jomo Moreno
• Girard Evalle
• Marvin Carandang
• Jennifer Ahn
• Ria Encina

and the Bon Voyage of:
• Renz Villalobos

Bottle service recommended:

Guest list and other Classified information:

*Subject to capacity. Ratio enforced.
**Guest list free/reduced cover before 11pm.

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