Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 18-What One's Eating: 369, 85C

Oh NOW I get your blog title Brian... Now I'm stealing your blog. It's my birthday, I'll do what I want. Spanks.

hit up 369 with peeps yesterday to celebrate jomo's birthday again and reiterate that he's old. jomes also offered to drive because he's weird. thanks for ordering the food vic.


blacks af-ams...i'm hungries

onion pancakes + beef noodle


rice cake potato onion noodle thing!

afterwards, cesar wanted a handheld valentina hot sauce to carry in his pocket, so we raided el super gigante across the street. (it's the mexican smart&final.) (and there's a smart&final next door that looked like a ghost town.) we ended up picking up a bunch of mexican candy and el jarritos fruit sodas. so goood. and super unnecessary linking is so necessary.

then it was off to 85c in irvine (does my title make sense yet?) because jomo wanted bread and it was his birthday. and he was the driver.

freeeeessssshhh bread

you have soft hands james...

the bucket list app on android is the stupidest thing one can read during a 20min car ride.

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