Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Pangan Pizza Part....4?

My brother and I had dinner at Jen Pen's house last night along with Lindsay, Jasmine and Sunim. Most of the night was spent talking about Lindsay's recent honeymoon in France and Prague and life in San Francisco. She is quite the storyteller. My brother's post will be better than mine would be for this post, so take it away KAYOTIK! (Oh yeah there's NO WAY I'm using your blogpost title.) There's also a bonus video and download links at the bottom.

one of the many quotes uttered by miss lindsay BYAH bioux last night. she wanted a pangan pizza, so jennifer was kind enough to oblige. in an act of payment, lindsay brought scattergories and told us the best stories ever, mostly about her recent honeymoon in europe-country.

greatest. moon. ever.

instead of explanatory captions, i'll just intro each pic with another messed up thought blurted out that night.

"we were in bed the last 2 days...not making babies."

"i saw him in a suit and he looked like a monkey."

emmanuel (linday's hubby) - dinners cost $30 a night.
lindsay - well, it all tasted like vomit.

"ugliest baby ever. it's gonna be the most ginger'd kid."

"tits...something you pay for."

"it's very the bartsch baby. granola ginger child...."

"monkeys are smart...not this guy..."
(points at brian)

"the 2-year-olds were really bad."
(referring to her dance students)

"a jew with a bag of money. it was everything they hated."
(referring to statues in prague)

"i had one girl leap and pee at the same time."

"oh, he's getting stabbed with something"
(looking at statues of 2 men fighting each other)

"his essays, I made them really great."

"they're grammaracally correct."

"wunnning iss ee ohwee ting i havv leff"
(mocking someone with a neurological disorder)

there's the camel toe! that's her vagina.

thanks lindsay. you officially made this blog not safe for work. or just not readable in general.

throwing in a 2nd part down here....

gambino dropped another mixtape. dope ish again.

as spotted by dong lover...
(this is becoming even more nsfwer by the second...)

AND he spit a rhyme over the beat the same morning?? freaking take over 2010 dude....

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