Monday, January 18, 2010

January 17: What One's Eating

Bruce had a few people over for a 24 Jack Bauer Season Premier extravaganza. Lots of snackin' and chillaxin' on a Sunday night just how I like it.

Some snugglin' from Brian too. (That sounded so gay.)

Have you tried the new Domino's website? It's like!

The perfect topping to pizza.

Thrifty's brand ice cream? Nice.

Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. Only 140 calories per sandwich. I can dig it. Based on this mascot, they should rename the brand "Sexy Cow". OWWWWWW!! (Gross.)

Easy there Michael. It's not a penis.

Before 24 we got some of our favorite trashy TV show in. I haven't watched MTV in a while, but Jersey Shore is a pure guilty pleasure. Pauly D is my DOG! GTL4life.

Oh yeah, we didn't watch any 24. JackBauerLetTheBombExplodeFail.

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