Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 24: Vegas, The Journey

Usher - Get In My Car (Feat. Bun B) by eevans503

The drought is officially over. After 2 consecutive years of 5+ Vegas trips each year, I finally broke 2010's cherry, on a whim at that. With little convincing from the cousins (Sheryl, Derrick, Mark), I packed my bag and rolled out.

First stop was Costco where we picked up a bottle of premium brand Kirkland Vodka. As we were walking out, we ran into Mark's parents. Nice.

Second stop was San Dimas to pick up Derrick's buddy Jan. There were a lot of bizarre things here such as the nicest cholaville, and the crazy people at this KFC where we had a little lunch.

After 3 hours of lagging, we finally headed out. A nice relaxing car ride where we all passed out except Derrick. (Thanks Dinky!) We made a stop at Baker and stepped out of the car for the first time. 110 degrees. Jeebus.

Melting gum.

Something else that's melting...

And one last stop at South Point for a little table action.


I came up about $60! Then I ended up down $20...

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