Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 24: XS

Yolanda Be Cool Dcup - We No Speak Americano by Gawiga

The night had a lot of positives and a few negatives, but it was never a dull moment! Whenever I go out with my cousins, there's always a story to tell later (and for many reasons, can't make it on the blog). Our plan was to get ready, cab it to XS, get stamped, cab it back to the room, preparty, and then cab it back to XS.

As the girls were getting ready, we took a little time to relax and reflect upon where we were and to get our minds right. Okay it wasn't that serious. I basically took a nap in the most comfortable bed ever.

I think we prepartied too hard considering we were gonna preparty when we got back.

Derrick, Jan, Mark.

Destination: XS.

The massive line that moved relatively quickly. Girls, midgets, samurais; lots of foolishness to kill time while we got our stamps.

Back to the room to party! We should have just invited over everyone to enjoy our villa.

Fam by association, not blood. Love my fam!

Cab back to XS. Sheryl x Tin.

Team USA Basketball was in town for training camp. You know the players come out to play too. D-WAYNE WADE! Nothing but respect for this guy, but you're not taking it next year! Where's Lamar?

Crackin' as usual.

There he is. L-O! Light up that 2011 NBA Champions victory cigar son.

Chips and bitches all day!

Towards the end of the night, the group started to separate (negative). I spent most of the remainder of the night kicking it with some of Sheryl's homies Gene, Mark, and others (whom I forgot the names of...).

Henney x Sprite x Fiji. So necessary.

The pictures ended here. Whoops. The last adventure occurred when Sheryl and I were walking back to the room and met Rehab's resident DJ. I suppose I should have developed my connection and open the doors to bigger things, but... the situation was a little sketch and I was ready to crash. The end.

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