Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 24: Vegas, The Room

Champagne Life (Remix) - Neyo ft. Rick Ross by BBlanco

The big reason why we were in Vegas was because Derrick booked a 2-bed room at the Hard Rock Hotel for $30. Dirt cheap. Well the way the story goes is that Derrick batted his pretty little eyes and flashed his million dollar smile and for an extra $20, upgraded to a bigger room. We walked in and the room was pretty dope: 2 TVs, a couch, 1.5 baths, and a king size bed. And some pretty crazy wallart.

A nice room, but only 1 bed for 6 people? Maybe we should try and claim the 2-bed room for the sake of beds. Then we saw these curtains that hid the secret door...

Sickkkk outdoor daybeds on our personal patio! It was about 8pm and a hot 90 degrees. Sleeping outside is definitely an option!

Just beyond the gate...

Our private pool?! BOSS. This pool was so dope, and only 3 other suites had access to it.



We gon' make it rain on dem hoes!

It's a celebration bitches.

Like a BOSS. You did good kid.

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