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Knives Chau Interviews w/ 5&A Dime

HOW DID I MISS THIS POST ON 5&A DIME?! This was from Novemeber 2010 during the San Diego Asian Film Festival. I'm still on the Scott Pilgrim tip. #BetterLateThanNever. I love Ellen Wong...

A couple of weeks ago, Ellen Wong from the much talked about film "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," dropped by San Diego to check out the 11th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival. In "Scott Pilgrim," Ellen plays Scott's underaged obsessive ex-girlfriend, Knives Chau. Though the film is Ellen's first major motion picture, it is clear that Ellen is a true super star w/amazing comedic timing and kick-ass fighting skills. It also helps that she is a bit of a martial arts geek and cute to boot!

During her stay here in San Diego, I was lucky enough to have the chance to speak with Ellen about her experiences as an Asian-Canadian actress and her own personal sense of style. She also got to walk away with a few 5&A Dime goodies that I still need to grab for myself! Lucky girl and her mustache pillow!

5D: Hi Ellen! The last time you were in San Diego, you were promoting "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" at Comic Con International - and now you're here for the San Diego Asian Film Festival. How does it feel to be back and how does this trip differ from the last time you were here?

Ellen Wong: I mean it's the same great positive energy - which is awesome because we're all sort of here for the love of films and what's out there in terms of art like films and tv. But what I think is very special about the San Diego Asian Film Festival is that it's also celebrating diversity and putting out there diverse story-telling for the Asian community, and it's exciting to be here with so many people who encourage that and support that.

5D: Have you seen any movies that you were really excited for?

E: Yes! "Clash" ("Bay Rong")! I saw that last night and I've been waiting FOREVER to see that - I was super stoked and I'm so glad that I finally got to check it out. It was really good! I'm really into the whole martial arts film thing, so I was really stoked to get a chance to see that. Unfortunately I don't know if I'm going to be able to check out any other films this week cause I'm leaving tomorrow after my panel.

5D: Aww I'm sorry to hear that!

E: I know! But I'm sure I'll find a way to get my hands on some of the films because I do really want to see them.

5D: Speaking of the panel, I noticed that the panel you are speaking in is called "Asian-Americans in Hollywood"...

E: It should be Asian Americans and Canadians in Hollywood!

5D: Or Asians in Hollywood.

E: There we go! That works!

5D: As an Asian, do you find that it is more difficult working in the entertainment industry in America vs. Canada?

E: I mean, I think when we're talking about [Canada] versus the United States it probably would be, yeah a little bit different - because in Canada there are a lot of initiatives out there and the government strongly supports diverse programming. It's actually a regulation that we have set out there that you have to have a certain percentage or certain amount - you have to represent diversity in your programming in order to even have programming on air or even to be running as a network. So I think that's great and that's amazing, but I mean... I just feel like regardless of any of that, regardless of rules or what anybody really thinks, nothing should really stop us from telling our stories. We really need to kind of challenge what's out there and feel excited to tell people what we go through. It's more about telling human stories and less about racial stories. We're just like everyone else. It's just really exciting and it sounds like the San Diego Asian Film Festival is a great way to support it.

5D: So I think everyone at 5&A Dime is a bit of nerd. Is there anything you nerd or geek over? I know you mentioned martial arts.

E: Oh yeah - I'm really into that! When I had a backpacking trip to Thailand two years back, that's where I [first got into] muy thai and then got really into the "Ong Bak" films and "Chocolate" came out after that. I mean I just love that kind of stuff. I love Bruce Lee, he's one of my role models too. I love all of that. I just think he is a brilliant man and in a way he has very much inspired me and my work as well.

5D: So 5&A Dime is a boutique/haberdashery all about embracing your own sense of style. Can you describe what your personal style is like?

E: My personal style? [LAUGHS] I'm the one that has to be like, "Aww man, are you sure I can't wear a hoodie to that event?" My manager is like standing right here, kind of giving me a look - it's true! I love hoodies, it's like a security blanket - I don't know. Hoodies can be totally fancy and decked out! Why not? They're cool. I can rock a hoodie and heels, watch me!

5D: One of 5&A Dime's logos is of a handle bar mustache. What do you think about men with handle bar mustaches?

E: [Laughs] Hey! If you want it - rock it! Why not?

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