Monday, March 21, 2011

March 16: Gyu-Kaku, Tustin (via KaYoTiK)

A newer, CLOSER Gyu-kaku has just opened up in Tustin near the 55/5 junction. I'm still relatively new to this franchise, but it has yet to disappoint me. I missed out on the $0.99 Sapporo pitchers during the grand opening week, but the happy hour prices were still pretty good. Yet we also managed to spend about $30 each... The price we pay for good food and a good time. A few topics of the night:
1. Brian is the worst sober BBQ'er ever.
2. Belle is an excellent BBQ'er even if she's not sober.
3. It's hard to drink beer when Eileen gives so much head. (BEER HEAD YOU PERVERTS.)
4. Baby pictures. HAHAHAHHAHA.
5. The workers don't seem to care if it's really your birthday or not.

Via the (fake) birthday boy.

last wednesday. random night out to the new gyu-kaku in tustin. we were celebrating eileen flying off to taiwan for a couple weeks and belle finishing up her last midterm...kinda just made that up though. they just wanted an excuse to take advantage of the amazing happy hour menu.

waiting...the ladies were lagging.

i don't remember the exact names of the foods, so just enjoy the ambiguous deliciousness.
ahi something salad something

super discounted filet mignon

garlic noodles

something japanese

pork something

pork something on the grill

jomo is not amused

lava cake!


after finishing all this (and much more unpictured) they still had a pitcher of of sapporo to down. so on to random asian drinking games.

while waiting for the check, the waiter-staff gathered with an ice cream treat and started singing. of course while i was in the restroom, the group told them it was my birthday


yay for me

last shot of ice cream smore stack.

(in the background: jomo and belle filling out the surveys under my name. again.)

best. birthday. EVER!
the girls can't wait till the next BJMO sandwich night.

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