Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 15: PaleyFest '11 - Community (via KaYoTiK)

Gonna have a few of these stolen posts from the week. Somehow I managed to pack my worknights with activities, but my weekend with nothing. I guess I can live with that. Via Brian.

hi friends. busy week. must catch up on this thing.
tuesday was a return to LA and the paley festival to attend community for a second year in a row. ryan got a bunch of free tickets from work, so i was able to roll with james and jomes this time around. less pictures this time. was just trying to enjoy myself. not to mention alison and donald weren't present, so what's the point?

jomo says eff march 16

chevy and ken. aka pierce and chang.

(thanks for being less annoying this year chevy.)

danny, gillian, joel. aka abed, brita, jeff.

who are those randoms at the bottom right of the screen...

...they look so familiar...

picture with peggy flemming.

favorite! brown jamie lee curtis =)

joel was too busy to take pictures with us. sad panda...


hit up el chato taco truck afterwards.

no carnitas left, but their al pastor and carne asada were delicious.

semi-news: renewed for a 3rd season?!?!?
congrats to everyone involved with show. definitely well-deserved.

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