Thursday, March 03, 2011

Waggie Poetry

While I wait for the green light to post the Big Bear post, let me share some of the insane brilliance of Sawyer. Always winning.

Pickles da Goat is back! After resounding popular outcry for more Waggie poetry, your local lyrical caprine has returned with another ballad to

Poop Ode #2 by Pickles da Goat

Went out last night for some after hours munchies
woke up this morning with her GI feelin funky
It was the –itis son!
and when the s*** dropped
She screamed so loud
that I almost called the cops

Now the culo’s crassly calling out
Ding Dong Dung~
Can’t stop, there’s no brakes baby

Diarrhea mamma mia
her system’s in the weeds
L.I.’s workin overtime
so help it out and squeeze!

Afraz Afraz, sweatin thru the burn
Your s.s epi’s gone now Mo, when you gonna learn?
To drink pink syrup and avoid that grease

please stop the violence and poop for peace!

Yeah. Random as f*ck.

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