Tuesday, March 08, 2011

What One's Eating: The Hat

As the DudezAlike SnowFest 2011 video gets completed, the show goes on.

While the rest of the cabin hit The Hat at Victoria Gardens, Team Skinny car had to head back because Guil had to drop myself and Alison off in OC. But after we dropped off Alison we decided to stop at The Hat in Brea. Sorry hoodrat! :P

It was Guil's first "Hat" experience. We brought the food back to my place to unwind for a bit. Pastrami, fries, and onion rings. Fit for a king.

Brian and I each got a pastrami burger. We should have just split one...

Guil's verdict: "It's dope, but if you want a real pastrami sandwich, hit up Katz in NY."

Been there done that. And I agree hah.

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