Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chinatown x Thai Food x Rewind: NYC Day 4

Our last full day in New York. After a late night, Stephen and I were surprised by a homemade breakfast made by my cousin Christine. You're the best!!

Ham and onion omelettes, longanesa, tomatoes, rice, and OJ. JUST LIKE MOM MAKES! Nicely done.

This longanesa has a ballsack.

We realized we still had some souvenir shopping to do for some loved ones so we headed to Chinatown for some goods. Walked by the city buildings.

Some skate sessions going on. I envy these kids sometimes.

We waited a while to see if this guy could make the gap. It didn't happen.

Another Stephen friend sighting, Andy. You're so popular!

Chinatown. We were able to meet up with our buddy Tunde. I got a majority of my souvenirs from here, including a fake Gucci bag for my mom! We sorta failed on the negotiating and paid a little higher than we wanted for the bags. At least I know how to deal with the store owners next time.

Stephen had the most stressful time since he did most of the talking. We decided to head on out. Came across a street show from these dudes.

Dude was calling Tunde out with his rippedness.

And this kid was pretty amazing!

Back in Jersey to rest up a bit.

Can you spot the real one? You shouldn't....

CK One.

A beautiful evening.

Jason met up with me, Stephen, Tunde, and Christine in Jersey City where we got dinner at a Thai restaurant: Sawadee.

A pretty nice restaurant with a spotlight on the table. Great for blog pictures! Thai iced tea.

Fried tofu.

Panang curry with tofu. My favorite dish.

2 other tasty dishes.

Overall the food was great! We topped it off with sticky rice with mango. Nice.

We had to wait for my other cousin, Carol to get into town from Boston so we kicked it in the Trump Tower amenities room. Foosball.

And some 9-ball. Jason and I used to hustle back at the UCSD gameroom.

We headed down to the Lower East Side to check out some bars/clubs and ended up at Rewind on Essex and Rivington. A pretty dope spot that played old and new hip-hop/top 40 and some reggae. (They're spun some Drake joints which got me pumped!) It was definitely CRACKIN!

The lounge/club was kinda small so we posted up outside a few times for some air.

Kate, Suzanne, and my cousin Carol! I'm so glad I got to catch her for a minute!

The rest of the crew: Tunde, PK, Christine, Jason, Stephen, Brian. What a random looking group. All love though. What is with your face Jason?

We went up the block to Katz's Deli on Houston for some good eats.

Fresh cut pastrami.

A rare candid moment of PK. GOTCHA!

An excellent sandwich.

Nice one Jason.

My cousin wasn't fit to drive so I got behind the wheel. I learned that you're not allowed to turn on red lights in NY. Lame.

Yep. Another 5am night.

Thanks again Christine for EVERYTHING! Love ya cuzzie!

We were up late packing our bags and had to get up at 7:30 to take a cab to JFK. FML. Goodbye New York. Thank you for the memories. I will be sure to visit again soon.

Also many thanks to everyone that met up to hang out and stuff as well as everyone who suggested places to eat and visit. Unfortunately there was so much to do I didn't get to most of the recommendations.

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