Thursday, May 28, 2009

Plan Ahead: An Extended SD Visit

That was for you Kimtan.

I took an extra day off from work just so I wouldn't have to deal with driving back to Anaheim in traffic and so I could just relax. I got lunch with Terry, Annabelle and Cam at Mona Lisa in Little Italy.

Some shots of downtown while driving back to Bums.

Monkey Munch.

Kicked it at 5&A Dime for a bit. And chilled at the house. Later that night I got dinner with some of Willy's regulars.


AND FINALLY! An Adult Emporium shot which is a trademark of Alvinisms. Me, Erwin, Gels, Alvin, Althea (hiding), Kimtan, and Richard.

So my intent was to just drive back and get back home around 8pm. I got home at midnight. FAILLLL. Good times SD. Sorry I probably won't see you this weekend. :(

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