Tuesday, March 08, 2011

March 02: Eileen's Birthday (via KaYoTiK)

I missed out on the festivities at Rockwell for Diana and Eileen's birthday due to the Big Bear trip. AND NO ONE'S POSTED ANY PICTURES EITHER!! How am I supposed to see what I missed out on guys...

Well it felt like it had been a long time since I've seen Mags and Eileen and a long time since we've played Settlers. So why not combine the 2? And it just so happened to fall on Eileen's birthday too. We popped a little bubbly, garlic bread, snacks, and of course ice cream cake.


Via the other #Winning-er of the night, KaYoTiK.

there was a midweek game night held at maggie's to celebrate eileen's something something birthday. i already saw the girls the past saturday night at their LA clubbing/drinking shindig, but this was eileen's actual anniversary date of her birth, and she wanted to play settlers, and so we obliged. haven't busted out this game board in a while...

bebe - protector of all tables and chairs

played a game (i won. #winning) then surprised eileen with this mini ice cream cake. #yay

thanks for posing for so long eileen. make a wish!

choppin it up

vanilla ice cream with choco cake and choco chips. not bad for ralphs.

obligatory group shot to tag later on facebook

super creepy yo

pop POP!

excellent look eileen...you know what's about to go down...

fooooood fiiiiiigggghhhttttt

"frosting is really hard to get off"* - maggie, right before getting served

effing chain reactions. maggie somehow got it in my teeth*

cleaned ourselves off to find are skin was dyed teal, then played one more round.

jomo won on the worst game ever. congrats.

*that's what she said

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