Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 18: Geisha House (via KaYoTiK)

Looks like dude is getting more recognition for his music these days.

Childish Gambino - Lights Turned On

Friday night should have just been a chill night after the hike. Enter Guil and Alison who were looking for something to do. I let em know that "Dinky's got Geisha House tonight if you wanna go..." (In reality, I was fucking dead tired and was ready to pass out.) But Guil's hardly up here to visit so I make the most out of any visit. Then some of Alison's crew came along and I brought out Brian and James to make the night even more random and fun.

I got a free drink ticket from Dink. Then a drink from Guil. Then a drink from Eden and Kathy. Then a drink from a random table. And then another drink. Toss in a few free shots from the pre- and post-party. I don't think I've ever gotten so many free drinks in my life without it being my birthday! Thank you everyone haha.

I thought I was pretty sober, but as I looked through the pictures, I don't remember very much after midnight... The tell-tale sign of a good night!

For some reason, I'm in a lot of these pictures which never happens in Brian's posts. I feel honored(???)

stupid fun random friday night...

(...obviously i'm referring to last week's events as i'm just sitting at home right now typing for my blog and eating fruit snacks.) headed over to orange to meet with peeps and hit up geisha house since guil was in town and dinky was promoting. combination of new friends, one super strong drink, and
somebody stealing and going trigger crazy with my camera made for an extremely entertaining evening. only posting the well-lit/non-blurry shots she could provide...

in line, waiting for the bros to do their hair.

loud & obnoxious in the house.

congrats on getting picked up by 21xl eventsco fake cousin.

great composition to whomever took the shot

how do you have some many good expressions guil?

alison and brando (the legitimate photog of the night)

more L&O love.

and some shots of people i don't know...

anyone else think that's a fake tan?

where the crap did this guy come from?

end. long walk back to the apartment.

import modeling



shenanigans back at the house

toooo cuuuuuttteeee

why'd we take this shot?

peoples were hungry and wanted norms. thankfully it was past midnight so we could indulge.

emo kathy

knocked out...sorta...

FOOD! country fried steak is my standby at any diner.

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