Monday, July 11, 2011

July 02: Summertime in the OC

Jamaica - I Think I Like U2 (Breakbot Remix)

A chill Saturday after a wild Friday night. I was ready to enjoy some sun.

Stop 1: The Billabong Employee store. Picked up a new raglan that I wore the whole day.

This guy went shorts crazy with 4 new pairs.

Stop 2: Huntington Beach with Lexi and Ryan.
Too much traffic. No parking. We opted for plan B which was hanging out at Layson's community pool a few blocks away. Sorry no pictures. Just imagine a very nice Vegas pool... filled with kids. -__-

Stop 3: Yardhouse Irvine Spectrum Parking lot. These guys were not f*cking around.

Stop 4: Yardhouse Irvine. Appetizers and half-yards.


Here comes the buzz...

Stop 5: Transformers: Dark of the Moon in IMAX 3D! Long line.

Take 1.

Take 2.

Take 3.

Verdict: Sweet cheesy action movie. Went in with low expectations and came out on top.

Stop 6: Lampost for a smoke.

We stood around trying to brainstorm where to go next. With SOMEONE forgetting her ID, our choices were slim. Where can we get drinks without IDs?

Stop 7: Plush Karaoke.

Good times.

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