Friday, July 15, 2011

July 03: San Diego/Lincoln Room/HoB

Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger ft Christina Aguilera

I really need to see my SD fam more often. My camera was low on battery through the night so I didn't take even half as many pictures as I usually do at these events.

Spent the afternoon/evening in San Diego. Made a quick pitstop by Univ and 5&A Dime, then spent some time at Petco Park to unwind until Hannah and Edric came back to their place.

Carpooler in crime. Alislut.

After some excellent breaded fish tacos by Hannie, Brandon and I trekked over to the Lincoln Room (formerly Confidential). Quite the update in ambiance. I likey.


Then on to House of Blues. Body doublin'.

A man of his word. DJing with no shoes on. #FUCKYEAHAMERICA!

Special guest: DJ Rygar aka DJ Razor Ramon.

You back on the blog blood.

Hannie Black please.

Henny Black is like Rygar's spinach...

But instead of getting buff, he shuffles.

Everybody get on it!

Hannie was on a mission that night to get everyone wasted.

Gama power.

Thuglife. Hella mean muggin' Hannie...

Oh shit. Get some son.

(Your TAA picture is 75% complete...)

Mutha f*ckin' Ramon man...

See you fools next week!

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cous said...

damn it! I need to make a trip out there soon.... I miis you all!