Thursday, July 07, 2011

June 25: Lazy Saturday (via KaYoTiK)

Source: KaYoTiK

crazy lag time on blog posts. almost forgot about last saturday. after a night of bar-hopping (read: going to two bars across the street from each other), eating a heck of a lot of jack-in-the-box, and witnessing the greatest freestyles since eminem in his heyday, we woke in a daze not knowing what to do, but agreeing that a hike was out of the question. regrouped for food before figuring out the day.

the burbank breakfast spot: harry's. it was featured in the hangover 2 y'know.

fresh fruits

haven't had corned beef in a while, and never from a restaurant. but harrys didn't disappoint.

eggs, potatoes, and pancakes in the background

rested for a bit. got some beer and slushies from 7-11. said eff the beach and the crowds and headed to the guys' pool that they haven't used in over a year. excellent idea. no pics =/

gourmet'd the dinner to finish off the day

salad, corn, rotisserie chick, ribs, and mini drumstix. yumz.

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