Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 16-21: Adventures in OC and LA

39 songs mashed up together. Been waiting for someone to do this. View the video HERE.

Madeon - Pop Culture

Gonna catch up the old fashioned way and just group a bunch of pictures together. There weren't a lot of pictures anyway.

We'll start with Saturday night where some of us hung out with Aeshna with some Vietnamese food in Garden Grove. (Followed by Yogurtland, no pictures.) I wish I had an appetite at the time. Everyone LOVED the food!

Then a few of us headed over to Bruce's house to lounge around for a bit.

On Monday I hit up G Burger with Karen in La Habra. Burger Crawl 2011 continues! An excellent homestyle burger! I had to get mine with avocado and bacon. So necessary.

And lastly, I recently started a 2.5 month internship with my company in the Downtown LA office. Thanks to the hospitality of some friends so far, I haven't had to really face a terrible commute. I'm on the 52nd floor of the Bank of America building and loving it. Though I miss the buzz of being on the floor with my fellow associates in Irvine, I'm enjoying the corporate ambiance as well as the perks of staying downtown.

Point A (Anaheim) to Point B (DTLA).

Commute time: 1.75 hours. (Bleh.)

My breakroom view, and free lunch!

(Free only because it was my first day.)

On the first evening Bryan and I hit up the Golden Gopher for a few drinks.

Then we met up with some of Bryan's friends for ramen at Daikokuya.

I was in bed by 10:30. Can't remember the last time I got 8+ hours of sleep on a worknight.

Residual Instagram shots of Downtown LA and the Fullerton Station. Full circle.

Still trying to get the hang of my internship though... I hope it all works out!

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