Friday, July 08, 2011

June 27: Rustic Canyon (via KaYoTiK)

Source: KaYoTiK

random text/email on monday asking if i wanted to get dinner in santa monica that automatic "no" would've been the standard response, but it was heard that THE michael soh said they served the best burger he's ever eaten...that's something you don't ignore or pass up.

mo bros met up with arine bruce michael barbara at the quaint spot near the beach.

the menu changes on the daily, but i came specifically to devour their the burger.
Rustic Canyon Burger

sharp cheddar, onion fondue, housemade pickles, herb remoulade, farm egg, confit bacon

a second look

and a blackberry tart for dessert

all the happy campers heading out

best meal i've ever had?...quite possibly
best burger i've ever had?...most definitely.
wouldn't mind making the trip again.

sidenote: said wassup to marisa tomei a couple tables away. holler.

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