Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July 04: Independent Day (via KaYoTiK)

So much for catching up... Via the other lazy blogger.

freedom freedom freedom OY! [/futurama reference]
hung around burbank for the 4th of july last week.
BBQ and poolside fun makes this the most summery summer ever.

mini beat blending rehearsal before everyone else arrived

fired up the grillz once everyone was within proximity

short ribz

bason infused sliderz/meatballz




...on the cobbz

waited 29 minutes before jumping in the pool. tried our hand at playing marco polo.

thankfully jason volunteered to be blindy

check out the couple getting it on in the background. gross.

we were tormenting jason for 10 minutes by grabbing rails and not yelling polo loud enough

he never stood swam a chance....*ZING*

decided to start throwing a ball at each other

doesn't it look like ligan is somehow holding on to the edge of the picture?

they call him flipper

swam back to the house for dessert time

i spread some cookie dough ice cream to complete the perfect s'more

and ended the night with an amazing fireworks broadcasted on NBC

katy perry wasn't played enough this weekend.

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