Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aug 06: UCSD x Wing Stop

Thursday I met up with my Camp Snoopy x UCSD homies (David, Jimmy, Phil, Christine, Neeraj) in Fullerton for dinner at Wing Stop. David had posted a previous blogpost on his food blog a few months back and I've been craving the wings since.

The major players: David, Jimmy.

Phil, Christine (and Neeraj hiding behind the cup of water).

Starting from the top right: buffalo, BBQ, teriyaki, lemon pepper, original, and parmesan.

Coleslaw on the side.

Wuttup Sawyer!

We ended the night with Yogurtland. Holler back tritons.

1 comment:

imjustatree said...

right back at ya linus. where's your safety blanket? u ever try korean fried chicken?

-1 star for wingstop not having any beer.