Monday, August 31, 2009

Aug 29: Loud & Obnoxious 2-Year Anniversary Sale

One of the longest Saturdays. I haven't done a turnaround trip from LA to SD in a while. But by the end of the day, my drowsy eyes reminded me of why I never do them. At least I had my little bro accompanying me (and taking the pictures for our blogs).

We started the day off with a trip to the City of Industry where our homies from Loud & Obnoxious were having a 2-year anniversary celebration and sale. Still at it, 2 years strong. Congratulations guys. We knew these guys since the early days of and have supported their "Do It Yourself" mentality from day 1.



Shop was set up at their warehouse.

Customers and fans of the brand were waiting since 5am and through the 100+°F weather. Dedication.

Homie hookup! Not only did we not have to wait in line, we also got a little friends & family discount. We asked for an exception because we had to head down to San Diego afterwards. Thanks Brian and Chuck!

At the 1-year anniversary/sale, they had a guestbook for customers to sign. They ended up printing several of the signatures on the back of the 2-year anniversary tee. Hopefully I'll be on the 3-year anniversary tee too.

Time to pay off the patience of their fans.

Schwagggggg: lighters, stickers, buttons, and can cozies.

Outside people were chillin, eating, and playing a little futbol. Too bad we missed karaoke afterwards!

Back of the 2-year anniversary tee. Can you see my signature? If you can, you're Superman.

Hot diggity dog!

What One's Wearing: Zoo York Nike Blazers. Frrrrrrrrrrresh.

Brian^2. Thanks again for the hookup Brian.

Brian and I both picked up a few shirts. I also got the 1 of 144 New Era fitteds they recently got in. Black on yellow. I love this hat!

Never skipping on the details. I love the contrasting purple satin liner (LAKERS!) and print on the inside.

And here's my sig from last year.

Keep it up guys! We'll see ya next year!

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