Monday, August 31, 2009

The San Diego Shop Run

Between the L&O Anniversary Sale and the World of Dance competition, I stopped by my 3 favorite/standard spots.

Univ in Encinitas. Nick and Brett were on the clock. Always a pleasure to drop by.


Next we're off to Downtown San Diego. Quick stop at Jack-in-the-Box. Secret Sauce baby.

Then dropped by the 5&A Dime offices. I need more 5Dtv in my life.

Roxy aka Black Sushi.

Kicked it with Jay and Darcy. Be sure to check out the new merch on the website!

Popped into the shop too to say hi to Kris and his girly.

WoD tix.

The last leg of the run is Blends SD. Erwin still runnin' thangs.

Nice fit Brimo.


Debby said...

your images are getting better and better. u should widen your blog too ^_^ showcase your photos more.

Unknown said...

Haha thanks! But these hi-def pictures are courtesy of my brother's nikon D90. I'd like to widen it more, but pictures with my current point-n-shoot wouldn't be so nice. When I upgrade, I'll probably make it wider :)