Friday, August 14, 2009

The Cool Kids

No this isn't a post about the Chi-town duo. Last night's AIM convo with Jenn on how busy and cool we are.

jomo : are u guys going to LA tonight?
jenn : nah
jenn : seems tooo far, tooo much work
jenn : haha
jenn : are you?
jomo : i was considering it. but im kinda burned out
jenn : yeah thats how i feel too
jomo : plus i might go tomorrow to meet with some SF friends who are visiting
jenn : plus i have a shit ton of bdays this weekend
jenn : all month actually
jenn : hahaha
jenn : its killin me
jomo : fucking pro-creators
jenn : yesterday was fels and jhet
jenn : tomorrow is chaz
jenn : sat is my roomie and his twin, plus my friend james
jenn : -_-
jomo : hahahaha
jenn : idk how im gonna juggle all these bdays
jomo : welllll at least u don't have 2 weddings to go to
jenn : true
jomo : hahahahaha shit.
jenn : man we're too popular, thats what the problem is
jenn : we just need to stop being so damn awesome.
jomo : hahahhahaha i know right?!
jomo : i agree
jomo : im gonna be a douchebag from now on
jenn : hahaha
jenn : yeah.. i need to start flipping on the bitch switch
jomo : yea. ur korean dude
jomo : its in ur blood
jenn : stfu
jomo : like taekwondo
jenn : asshole.
jomo : yea fuck you bitch
jomo : lol
jenn : and so it begins...
jenn : say goodbye to the nice jomo and nice jenn
jomo : yep. say hello to fucker jomo and bitch jenn
jenn : HAHA
jenn : this is a retarded conversation
jomo : fuck you
jenn : im gonna get something to eat
jenn : f you too
jenn : douche.
jomo : yea yea
jomo : red font is meaner too
jomo : alrite go eat fatty
jenn : it looks angry
jenn : hahahaha
jenn : go screw yourself
jenn : byeee byee :)
jomo : i will. peace out fag
jenn : bahahahahaha <3
jenn : fucker.

A wedding ceremony in Irvine, a quick flight, to a wedding reception in San Francisco... all on Saturday. Another adventurous weekend ahead!


Brand E-Z said...

this post reeks of lame. you fail at the interwebz.

KaYoTiK said...

you're already a douche.